How Removing the “We” Can Help Improve Your Messaging

How many times have you visited a website and you are met with a proud statement from the business starting with “We…”? Here are some examples:

  • “We have been in business since 1948…”
  • “We make the best widgets”
  • “We are the superior providers in the XYZ industry”

Many businesses want to share their accomplishments in bold statements on their website, so as to increase their credibility and make more sales. Unfortunately, this approach is not effective in convincing those looking at your website to actually engage with your business and take out their wallets. What really needs to be communicated is how you are going to help solve their problem. Everyone has a problem that they are looking to have solved, otherwise they wouldn’t be looking at your website or marketing collateral. What this really means is that your customer doesn’t care about your business like you do (sorry!), but instead how you are going to help them.

  • Are you a restaurant that solves the problem of hunger and craving for new tastes? Share that through testimonials and service reviews.
  • Are you a CPA firm that solves the problem of tax complexity? Share that you will guide your potential clients through the maze that is the IRS tax code!
  • Are you a gym that solves the problem of not having an encouraging fitness environment? Share about that instead of all the fancy brand-name equipment you own.

Exercise some empathy for your customers or clients. Speak in their terms. Anticipate their problems and communicate clearly how you help them solve them. By getting rid of the “We” mentality, you will communicate more clearly and effectively. This will help your business explain your value to your customers or clients.

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