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After reaching a company's website via a referral site, 50% of visitors will use the navigation menu to orient themselves. (Source: KoMarketing)

When organizing our website navigation menus, it is important to empathize with your customers. Try to put yourself in their situation. If you were new to your own business’ website, would you know where you were in the site and how to engage? Would you immediately understand the product or service being provided? Is it free from “about us” language and buzzwords? Some of these items are bigger than just your website header, but it all starts with navigation. 

For many of our clients, we encourage leaving the FAQ and company story pages in the bottom footer or accessible from a dropdown menu. As important as this information can be, it can distract from capturing the highest amount of engagement with your websites purpose. This could be to make an appointment, buy now, or schedule a tour. For those who are interested to continue reading about your company, they will find the information. Alternatively, those who are ambivalent will be confused by too much information and a lack of clarity. 

In many cases, the fewer options in the navigation, the better. 

Your customer is most likely asking the following questions:

  • Does this solve my problem?
  • How do I access the product or service the quickest (and most painless) way possible?
  • What are the steps I need to take? 

Navigation is important in answering these questions because it is how your customer is guided toward your solution to their problem. The call to action, or CTA, can be included in the header navigation and is how you provide value and solve problems. The easier your CTA is to access, the more problems you can solve, the more customers will be transacting with you. If it is always present on the website, your potential client can engage when they are ready. To make sense of all this, let’s jump into an example: Laser Tag Source (LTS), who provides laser tag rental equipment through shipment in the United States. You can also visit their site here:

LTS has five items in their website header navigation: one homepage, three dropdown menus, and the main CTA of the website. 

The first dropdown menu item provides information detailing the product offerings of LTS. Here’s a closer look:

This provides product rental details without cluttering the main navigation of the site. 

The next tab details information about the business and rental process. This dropdown is included for the consumer who is interested in the details of how it works or the terms of service. This is good information to provide for those who will look for it, but not necessary to include on the homepage. 

The last dropdown menu provides recommendations from the company to the customer, providing a value on ideas and other resources that are complementary to the rental of equipment. 

The last and most prominent menu option is the Place Reservation button, which is the main CTA of the website. This call is reinforced in the rest of the website, with an option for the customer to start the process whenever he or she is ready. It is differentiated in design by being in all caps and having a high-contrast colored box behind the text. Upon clicking this button, customers place their order and submit payment through the website, which goes down as another successful transaction. 

Laser Tag Source is a strong example of navigation that does not confuse the customer. It provides clear navigation and an obvious CTA for customers to engage with the business. Remember, your customer is looking to have their problem solved; provide them to the solution with clear navigation. If you have any questions or need help with your own marketing, messaging or website development, please give us a call and we’ll schedule some time to talk about how we can help you. 

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